I come from a broken ‘home’

OK, so a bit of an exaggeration, I don’t come from a broken home, but from a ripped holiday home, aka tent.

Slight disaster, got to Stykkishólmur and the winds were high, and my tent was clearly not up to it. A kind Icelandic chap gave me some pegs, but they were not going to hold it for long, so out came the trusty hotel sewing kit. As you can see I barely made my brownies sewing badge. My clever niece Skye has also suggested a bit of wax to keep the area watertight. If it fails I’ll be sleeping in tbe car!


2 thoughts on “I come from a broken ‘home’

    • Ha ha! Things are going well back in the ‘real’ world then eh?
      I am remarkably calm about the ripped tent, but I do hope my repair lasts. I’ve emailed the tent people and Cotswold Outdoors who sold it to me, remains to be seen whether they’ll deliver me another to Reykjavík as I requested. Hee hee!


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