Mid-life crisis? A bit introspective?

Travelling for this brief time has made me think and be thankful.

  • I lived in a tent for a bit (5 weeks in total) and was truly thankful for a bed, for electricity, cooking facilities and warmth.
  • I worked on trails, clearing lupins doing outdoor work and was thankful that I didn’t have to do this 365 days a year (or even 225).
  • I picked up hitchers in the rain, booked into a hostel when my tent broke and was thankful that I had the money and flexibility to get the car and not have to rely on the tent.
  • I’ve met a lot of folks whose preoccupation is not about financial wealth creation and been thankful that there are many types of folks who bring a little balance to a world that seems obsessed by consumption and production (by being teachers, medics, conservation workers, weavers, etc (I won’t shy away from a debate about where these sit in the consumer society))
  • I met a 66 year old who was fitter than me who despite having high blood pressure and cholesterol was practically running up the hills of Greenland and I was thankful that I have my health and was inspired to do more.
  • I met a 21 year old living in the moment because the pressures of expectation weighed heavy on him, and we watched sea eagles and ravens fly by. I was thankful for appreciating that moment for itself.
  • I’ve lived day to day and been thankful that I could, had home and work to go back to at the end of all this but could afford this time to simply be.

This trip was not meant to be a learning experience, I did not set out to find myself or remind myself of what life is like beyond my bubble, but I have learned a lot, much more besides the above. I have had time to reflect, and times where I have not thought at all, so preoccupied with exertion or with experiencing and seeing nature in its beautiful extremes.

I have 1 week left on my own, then a week with my sister and pals joining from England for some hiking, finally I have a normal city break in Reykjavík at the end, staying in a hotel wandering around museums etc.

So I’m going to wander aimlessly for the next week, drifting about the Westfjords, hiking and indulging in a bit of photography. I shall try not to post too much. Thanks for reading! See you soon.

5 thoughts on “Mid-life crisis? A bit introspective?

  1. Dione – it’s been fantastic to be able to follow your adventures, live through ‘tent-breaking’ moments and observe how the things you encountered made you think. Nothing to do with mid-life crisis I think – in fact the real crisis would be if these experiences did NOT make you think.

    Enjoy the last part of your travels and get home safely!


  2. Silly me didn’t refresh your blog page so I would check every day or two and see the same page. I’ve been thinking lots about you and imagining where you are. I’m catching up on your wonderful writing and creative photos. Stay happy and well D!!


    • Thanks, yes still here but only just am leaving on Thursday. I’m now in a hotel, treating these final few days as a Reykjavik city break, lots of museums, galleries, thermal pools and nice food. I am ready to go back, which is good. How’re things with you, how’s NYC? D x


      • I’m well. I miss the cool weather – it’s hot here. Getting ready to start school again. I’m heading to school now to fix up my room and get a bit of work copied for the first few days.
        You seemed to have taken in so much of Iceland which is awesome. It’s hard to leave somewhere when you feel like you’re not finished so I’m glad you’re ready.
        Enjoy your last bit of gallivanting.
        NYC is ready when you are..


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