Mid-life crisis? A bit introspective?

Travelling for this brief time has made me think and be thankful. I lived in a tent for a bit (5 weeks in total) and was truly thankful for a bed, for electricity, cooking facilities and warmth. I worked on trails, clearing lupins doing outdoor work and was thankful that I didn’t have to do this 365 days a year (or even 225). I picked up hitchers in the rain, booked into a hostel when my tent broke and was thankful that I had the money and flexibility to get the car and not have to rely on the tent. I’ve met a lot of folks whose preoccupation is not about financial wealth creation and been thankful that there are many types of folks who bring a little balance to a world that seems obsessed by consumption and production (by being teachers, medics, conservation workers, weavers, etc (I won’t shy away from a debate about where these sit in the

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The ‘main’ road to Rauðasandur

Watch it all or especially from 00:01:30 in I drove at a bit slower speed than the folks in that video, but for those that know me and my general nervousness about driving on gravel roads with steep drops at the side, you’ll know what a feat this was. I am sure the 2 french hitchhikers I was transporting were delighted!