Bildudalur to Ísafjörður

I drove up over the pass, snow melt creating the start of streams that would later become falls, rivers, or sink deep underground perhaps later becoming springs. Sheer vertiginous drops at one side or the other as I followed the road this way and that via hairpin bends. The gravel was mostly hard packed but I did not know the car or the road so took it easy. I want to explain how beautiful it was, but I seem lost for words, I took few pictures this time, and so those views of fjords, old basalts carved deep, might end up as memories only. Driving from North to South you mostly hug the cliffs which feels better than hugging the edge. You also have the advantage of being surprised by Dynjandi. Ah what an amazing sight, a massive outpouring of water cascading down the tiered layers of basalt. I have learned to love the roads, mostly for the views they afford and of course there really is nothing dangerous about them in summer. I am looking forward to another visit with 4WD to explore the interior some time. There is always more to explore here.

Of course Dynjandi is now my favourite waterfall.


a view when a little colder (first or last snows?)


the roads are pretty good really
looking out over Arnarfjörður
me at Dynjandi

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