Here be Giants (and trolls)

Columnar Basalt – Giant’s Causeway’s got nothing on Iceland. The Causeway, whilst still utterly impressive of course, and where my love of basalt columns started, is just outdone by the sheer quantity and variation of columns here in Iceland. So whether it was built by Giants, it’s a prone troll woman lying in the fjord or its some kind of groovy feature of relatively fast cooled basaltic lava I love it.

columns in all directions
    one of the many islands in Breiðafjörður
    a troll’s breasts? or so the legend has it, twin islands in Breiðafjörður


at Stykkishólmur




These are care of others (On t’internet, shamelessly stolen for effect), much more professional than my holiday snaps… 

svartifoss, skaftafell

probably vík í mýrdal

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