A round trip

1024px-Archaeology_TrowelArchaeology, IT, and back to Archaeology.

I decided to move to the Hebrides last year. My reason for doing so was about the beauty of the various islands I had visited, the community, and the clearer connection with history, heritage, culture, and the natural world that I saw on each isle; and of course now I live on Mull. The tricky part had been trying to work out what I could do to sustain a life a bit further from the major airports and roads that had become a key part of my commuting life over the past few years. Well actually it was really more of a what can I do that is not IT?

B&B? Cafe? Cafe/Bar? Bakery? Tours? I had lots of ideas, and explored many of them, but there was one thing that I kept coming back to. Could I perhaps go back into archaeology? How? It had been a while and most of my contacts were in Northern Ireland. I hadn’t picked up a trowel in 17 years!

I am taking tentative steps. A dig in April in Perth (Scotland not Australia before anyone gets too excited), possibly more in the summer… and… I have just been accepted to do a Masters in Celtic and Viking Archaeology at the University of Glasgow starting in September. Yes, I am going to be a full time student again. As it’s very much an academic subject I figured the best way of catching up on 15-20 years of archaeological discovery, making contacts in Scottish archaeology, and getting myself back into the academic zone was best served by doing another bout of postgraduate study.

Who knows after that? I’m not planning too far ahead. Suffice to say I am pretty excited about this next year. This blog is being repurposed and will now chart both my travels and archaeology in northern climes…

2 thoughts on “A round trip

  1. Hi Dione.
    I’m setting off on an adventure in the SW of the US and wanted to reenter the blog world for myself and in order to share with others. Your site popped up and it’s so great to hear that you’re going back to school. I think sometimes about living out of NYC and don’t think I could make that shift (right now). Sounds like you’ve made the best decision for yourself in shifting environments.
    My adventures this summer is focused on the geology of the SW (Texas, Colorado and New Mexico). I’ll be a part of a group of 34 teachers from around the US traveling and learning from Texas A&M professors. I’m very excited. In preparing for the trip, I’ve been reading and watching videos. Once series I watched was “Men of Rock” about the history of geology. The focus was on scientists in England, Ireland and Scotland and the scenery was awesome. I very much would like to visit sometime soon. When I plan my trip I will be asking for your advice and coming to visit you if that’s okay with you.
    Enjoy your summer travels and sittings.
    Lori Z


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