A round trip

Archaeology, IT, and back to Archaeology. I decided to move to the Hebrides last year. My reason for doing so was about the beauty of the various islands I had visited, the community, and the clearer connection with history, heritage, culture, and the natural world that I saw on each isle; and of course now I live on Mull. The tricky part had been trying to work out what I could do to sustain a life a bit further from the major airports and roads that had become a key part of my commuting life over the past few years. Well actually it was really more of a what can I do that is not IT? B&B? Cafe? Cafe/Bar? Bakery? Tours? I had lots of ideas, and explored many of them, but there was one thing that I kept coming back to. Could I perhaps go back into archaeology? How? It had been a while and most of my contacts were in Northern Ireland.

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