Hot Pots and Laugavegurinn

Since leaving Reykjavík for the West there has not been a day that’s gone by without a dip in a pool, community hot pot or natural spring (the headline pic is me at Flókalaug, Vatnsfjörður in the Westfjords), earlier that day I’d walked around the natural hot springs of Reykhólar (smoky hills?):   

I think you could boil an egg here…



  • Lysuholl pool, Snæfellsbær
  • Stykkishólmur sundlaug
  • Grettislaug at Reykhólar
  • Flókalaug on Vatnsfjörður
  • Reykjafjarðarlaug
  • Suðureyri sundlaug
  • Gudrunarlaug
  • Fontana at Laugarvatn


So it was only natural that I’d be staying on Laugavegur in Reykjavík and hiking Laugavegurinn in South Iceland. The former is one of the main streets in Reykjavík city centre, named for the washing done at the hot springs situated at one end (it’s now full of shops, bars etc). The latter was named for the former or the hot springs along it’s route or both, it’s the most famous and popular of hiking trails, a bit notorious too. Every other year it seems some unprepared hiker gets into serious/fatal trouble on the trail, this is apparently due to the weather which is a fickle, foe or friend in Iceland she changes by the minute. Let’s see how the wind blows for me, my sister and four pals who are joining me for this next adventure…

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