Shags, puffins, kittiwakes, fulmars and a sea eagle’s head from afar

Went on a little boat tour today from Stykkishólmur and saw guillemots, shags, puffins, kittiwakes, fulmars, and a sea eagle’s head from afar. 

The boat also trawled for a few scallops n sea urchins for folks to try, not totally sure how I feel about this, it’s not large scale but it’s still trawling. I tried the scallops which were as you would imagine utterly delicious being as fresh as possible. Also trawled up were: hermit crabs, common starfish and sunstars.

puffin landing

shag taking off
you might have to take my word for this but there’s a white tailed eagle nesting on the island (centre left)
the ‘catch’

mixed seafood

hermit crab

And some light reading to help me think a bit more clearly about how my fish is caught and where it is sourced from:

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