Everything in bloom

A final morning of lupin killing was followed by a lovely hike through the Morsá valley. I still love lupins despite them being non native here and being ‘forced’ into slaughtering them in the hundreds…


Lovely lupins and birch trees
Lovely lupins behind angelica
Iceland in bloom

2 thoughts on “Everything in bloom

  1. Love your daily pics and summary!! Beautiful country….Appears you are enjoying your daily activities..a bit different than IT PM’ing


    • It’s an amazing place Ray and yes I’m really enjoying it, so unlike our day jobs, I am however thankful it’s a brief sojourn. It’s physically demanding work, and the sleeping in a tent thing is also not something I’m up for long term. It has made me pretty thankful for the life I live, and made me contemplate the efforts of farm labourers, other outdoor workers and folks in refugee camps quite a lot.


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