Arresting water erosion and sleeping on the job

We spent today building water bars on one of the park’s paths, about 18 in total. They act as drainage channels to reduce water erosion on the paths. This is much needed as after the rain last week the paths were like streams. There are various types, I won’t bore you with the details, here are some pics…


a wee stone lined water bar
digging out a substantial ditch
the completed stone filled ditch
The workers (me included) needed a wee power nap at lunch due to all of the exertion…


2 thoughts on “Arresting water erosion and sleeping on the job

  1. Very impressed with your stamina to stay the course, Dione! What a rich tapestry of experiences you’re exposed to! Really enjoy reading the blogs – has become a morning ritual for me J.

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    • Cheers Andy! I must admit I’m really looking forward to the end of this week. Can’t wait for a wee bit of R&R in Reykjavík this weekend before Greenland next week. I need to recover before some serious hiking at the end of the trip.


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