Over the boardwalk 

Two and a half days of effort later and our boardwalk project is complete. This has been a pretty satisfying endeavour.  It’s part of a new footpath from Skaftafell to Morsárdalur.

We sourced the wood from a wood pile comprised of old planks from the main bridge over Skeiðarársandur (on route 1). We sawed it to size (140cm lengths), we transported it to the desired location over a sandy wash out area near the levees. Built the boardwalks (a lot of hammering), positioned them, packed them with stones, staked them. Finally we built stone steps from rocks scavenged from the area. Very proud to see it walked on by hiker once we were done; let’s hope it lasts a while.


the area we needed to board across
constructing it in sections
a lot of hammering
the finished path

 Ambling over our completed work:  

2 thoughts on “Over the boardwalk 

  1. Great work Dee a testimony to the value of the conservation group.
    The rewards are plenty well done!


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