Orange gear befitting a fisherman

So today we were handed our gear, given a tools talk amd then got right to work (wood cutting for steps and foot path work).

As you can see we’re all rocking the fluorescent gear of fisherfolk in our 66 degrees north oilskins.


hanging at the hut

My fellow volunteers are pretty much all Geography students or outdoor management folks. I started University before most of them (all bar one I think) were born, which is interesting. Conversation is easy and free flowing but sadly we have vastly different taste in music! Radio 1 at breakfast this morning was a challenge to my ears.

First full day working tomorrow and my ‘team’ are on cooking duties. Going to be exhausted. The weather is looking very poor for the coming week or so, am resolved to ignore that as much as I can. I am really looking forward to the weekend to go for a bit of hiking, there are 3 glacial outflows which look exceptional.

2 thoughts on “Orange gear befitting a fisherman

  1. and isn’t it well you’re looking! the fresh Icelandic air is clearly doing you no harm.. enjoy. A lot better than the stifling heat of London by the sounds of it. em x

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