Wild in East London

East London can be pretty wild, but this post is actually about going to see the film Wild at an open air cinema on top of a car park in East London. The pic is of me and my sister Pand (aka Andrea), I’m shivering with cold which is really not a good sign when I’m spending the summer in the North. So the film and the trip to the pics is telling me this:

  • Take climate appropriate clothes
  • Pack light on the hike
  • Ensure I have good waterproof kit as the river crossings could be an immersive experience
  • Get camera insurance
  • Wear layers of clothing when visiting an open air cinema at night

Wild is a quite life affirming sort of film, and to be frank it has helped me put my wee jaunt into perspective. I was getting a bit of that change and going into the unknown anxiety, all good now, bring it on!

Wild film details imdb
Rooftop cinema London

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