Old and New Icelandic cooking 

So the old traditional foods are still commonly found in Iceland (I found them in a 7/11 type supermarket)


svið (sheeps head)
hardfiskur (dried fish)

But the food here has, like elsewhere, moved with the times, and the previously blogged about hotdogs seem to be the favourite snack. As for restaurants? Reykjavík has many, some catering to strange tourists hell bent on eating whale, or rotten shark, most though serving up fine local fayre. The new nordic cuisine has made it here too and I’m going to be eating at Dill at the end of my trip, so excited!

Today I did a cooking course at Salt Eldhús, me and 6 members of the Cook family from Niagara and Toronto, we were hosted by Auður Ögn Árnadóttir and a chef she was trialing who is also an actor.

We cooked (and ate): 

Arctic Char with fennel and orange salad

Cod with pureed celeriac and barley risotto
marriage bliss cake (with skyr cream and rhubarb syrup)
Fabulous day 🙂


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