Farewell to the first posse

7 out of our party of 9 are heading off this weekend (to do conservation elsewhere in Iceland, travel, or to go home). A new crew will arrive on Sunday to join me and Coralie who are here for another 2 weeks.

We had a pretty varied and productive couple of weeks and the weather has been remarkably favourable. It rained a bit last night, but otherwise I’ve been wearing my fisher gear just because they’re high fashion, obviously.

We walked up into the hills just below Kristínartinder today, under the pretext of getting rid of lupins, clearing a few but mostly just appreciating the amazing views on what was a lovely walk. We passed elf rocks, had outstanding views of the skeiðarársandur and skeiðarárjökull. To my delight we also saw a raven fly back and forth several times, sadly a wee bit far away for any decent pics.  


the rain is very loud on my tent
view onto morsádalur and skeiðarárjökull
photo of glacier taken with iphone and binoculars (skeiðarárjökull)

More on the glacier and glacial retreat:


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