Something Fishy

Had a lovely morning wandering around the touristy and working areas of Reykjavik’s old harbour. There’s a fabulous exhibition at the Vikin Maritime museum all about seafaring Icelandic women through the ages. 

Here are a few things I found out:

  • The cod wars (with Britain 1958-76) weren’t wars really
  • Female seafarers were commonplace throughout Icelandic history but maligned as troll like from the late 19th century. Most notable ones were called þuríður

  • Icelanders fished by rowing boat for nearly a thousand years
  • Icelanders and Brits have the same taste in fish species
  • Bacalao was produced here for the Spanish market in the main
air dried fish
  • Dried fish was a staple to supplement the Icelandic diet, it’s made much like airdried ham, with care taken to keep it out of the rain
  • Fish and chips, lobster soup, open prawn sandwiches are all fabulous in restaurants at the old harbour


sea urchin on a seawall
sea wall leading to a fish processing plant
old fishing vessel
lighthouse on the harbour wall
children’s playground, happily ignoring any notions of health and safety
icebreaking fishing vessel

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