It’s hard to pack light

9 weeks a vast array of different activities, camera equipment and camping gear has put paid to any thoughts I had of packing light.

How did I backpack for a year (1998/1999) with half of this?

Luggage storage and getting rid of a few things along the way (e.g. Steel toe capped boots) is the solution to this problem I think.

Less than 24 hours until my flight…  

3 thoughts on “It’s hard to pack light

  1. You’ll have a fab time, Dione. Looking forward to following you on your adventures. All the best xxx


  2. Have fun, Dione!
    Icelandic climes will not make this one easy. But once you’re 2 weeks into the trip and have the choice between either growing a second back or get rid of the stuff you haven’t used yet, the choice should be much easier.


  3. Have an ace time. New stuff for the memories hey, how exciting! Will be following and keeping in touch


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